Why you should use Google Adsense to make money online

Why you should use Google Adsense to make money online


What’s AdSense?
Google AdSense is a targeted ad placement program powered by Google. The service is designed for website owners looking for  ways to make some cool money online by displaying advertisements on their sites.

Why AdSense?
AdSense is by far the highest paying CPC network for publishers. This is due its reliability in payout and it has the highest income share ratio as compared to other alternatives

Unlike some few other networks, AdSense does not ask publishers to make any payment before their account is approved. This makes it possible for anybody with a Google account to try and venture into this amazing opportunity of making money online.

Alexa rank
AdSense has nothing to do with Alexa Rank. You can create a new website today and monetize your content immediately provided its self hosted. Other networks such as Adsterra require an Alexa Rank of 1Million before you can be allowed to paste the ad code on your site.

Some advertising networks target publishers from specific parts of the world. This brings AdSense to the spotlight for its global presence. Anybody in the world is eligible for AdSense provided they meet the minimum age requirements.

Minimum payout.
AdSense minimum payout is $100. This encourages savings and it’s far much better than other networks that pay out from as low as $5. The payment gateway imposes some tax on the earnings and probably the publisher pockets about $3 only which is not even enough to pay for an auto responder.

I am not affiliated with AdSense in any way. All the information given here is according to my own analysis on various content monetization providers and I feel AdSense is the best choice to recommend.

Duke Bosire


  1. Adsense is by far a better option compared to other networks. I have been using adsense since since 2012 and am enjoying it.


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