Why you should AVOID starting a blog at WordPress.com

Why you should AVOID starting a blog at WordPress.com

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If you are looking for how to start a blog, you’ve probably come across WordPress.com where you can setup a blog within 2 minutes and move on with a WordPress.com sub-domain .

It sounds amazing, and looks like a great opportunity, but oops! It’s not what you may be thinking. While the platform offers free hosting space for users who just want to write and share what’s on their mind, the functionality is limited and this makes it less of an option for anybody looking to do many other things like making money online from the blog, upload custom themes and plugins and many more.

1. Customization
As I mentioned, WordPress.com’s features are limited. For example, you cannot upload your plugins or themes. This gives you less control over how you want your site to function and look like.

Another underside is that you can only use themes available to WordPress.com users. Most of these are free while others come at a small one-time fee.

All these themes are impossible to modify, like we do in wordpress.org. So if you are planning to get a custom theme designed for you, the only two options are; either forget about it or move to wordpress.org

2. No right to make money
Running advertisements alongside your content is impossible. If you thought of using Google AdSense to make money on your blog, come on brother! You are at the wrong place. In short, you cannot use wordpress.com for any commercial benefits of your own.

3. No control over advertisement
Wordpress.com places ads on all free websites. I think this is now the catch. It may be the crucial reason why the platform is free.However, their prices to remove the ads are very expensive. They charge around $30 per year to block ads. This is enough to pay for your own hosting at Bluehost for one year with full control over your site.

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