Google Adsense for WordPress to be deprecated in May 2017

Google Adsense for WordPress to be deprecated in May 2017

Adsense deprecated

Though there are many ways of making money online, adsense is by far the most trusted and highest paying website monetization service, powering 75% of ads on websites around the world. It’s easy to use and ad placement on sites can be done in only a few clicks.

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In static HTML websites, ads can be placed by copying and pasting an ad unit code into the site, while in WordPress, this can be accomplished by installing the Official adsense plugin.

Google has now announced that they will be deprecating the official Adsense plugin for WordPress from May 2017. Publishers will no-longer be able to make changes to their ad units directly through the Adsense plugin on their WordPress dashboard. However, existing ads will continue displaying and accrue earnings, without the publisher being able to make any modification.

What next?
Follow these guidelines to continue displaying ads on your site.
1. Make a full backup of your WordPress site.
2. While the plugin is still active, remove all existing ad units from your site.
3. Deactivate and remove the plugin completely, including from the database.

Now that you’ve removed the plugin, it renders site unable to continue making money through Google Adsense. Here are two methods that will enable you continue displaying ads.

Method 1
This method is known as Quick Start. You can let AdSense place ads on your site automatically by using a simple code snippet. Once you put this code on your page, preferably between the <head> and </head> tags of your WordPress header.php file, you only need to toggle a switch in AdSense and ads will start serving automatically.

Method 2
You can place ads by creating text widgets and copying/pasting the code in the widget.

1. No matter how good programmer you are, NEVER and Never attempt to change the adsense code.
2. Always ensure your website is compliant with the Adsense ad placement policies.

Good luck!

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